me.scan Makes untapped and unrealized potential visible and leads to a sustainably more effective organization

A healthy company requires healthy employees. Training, courses, online learning environments, good benefits; all important and costly things but not the key to an effective human resources policy. The real key costs nothing: real attention to individual employees and their talents. The me.scan shows what individual employees need to function sustainably. Shows what they are energized by, where the energy leak is and what the potential is that is not yet visible. The result, a company with healthy and motivated employees, lower absenteeism and less absenteeism. Because if you get energy from your work, you can never be drained.   

The me.scan is an innovative, approachable and powerful tool that supports hr professionals and managers in supervising employees, assists in searching for the right people, helps to engage people in the right way and improves collaboration and communication within the organization

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Is there a labor shortage? There is a huge shortage in the labor market, but a lot of talent also remains unused. People are not deployed on their strongest qualities and people have to work within rigid processes that inhibit rather than stimulate them. With the me.scan we put talent center stage. We provide the right management, the right communication and we make sure that processes are supportive, not leading.  

"If we keep doing what we've always done, we'll get what we've always gotten." Time for a different view of people and organization. Like me.scan company, put talent first and give space to the talents you have on board; because that's how you as an organization, even in a tight labor market, can bind people to you and retain people. 

"Within Livingprojects, we put the well-being of our people first. We do this because we are convinced that working from your talents, or doing what really gives you energy, is the basis for this. We use the me.scan in all employee PDPs and team plans. In this way we use the me.scan in both operational and strategic areas."

Willem Smetsers, Commercial Director Livingprojects

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