Insight into talents, qualities and pitfalls in 10 minutes; objective, non-judgmental and focused on growth

"Imagine if everyone got the space to use his or her talents; that everyone dared to develop, at work and personally; AND that no one had to worry about tasks that didn't suit him or her and that drained energy. People who are energized by what they do never run out of energy. People who work from their natural strengths are sustainably more effective, productive and healthy. me.scan: when you look behind the behavior, you move forward harder." 

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me.scan is a quick and in-depth online talent scan that shows in ten minutes what you need to know about yourself.
The me.scan consists of two parts:

  • An unconscious and innovative component that sets me.scan apart from all other tools in the market. 8 images that reveal what is behind a person's behavior.
  • A cognitive and traditional component in which the candidate reflects on his or her self-image and chooses among 24 competencies.

The image choices are linked in the me.scan to the chosen competencies and explained in a personal report and thus we show what your untapped potential is, on which qualities you can build and where you can run into your own pitfalls.

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"A great example of what the me.scan meansin my coaching process is demonstrated by this statement from my client: Sometimes you have to change to stay yourself."

Chantal Brouns, Brouns loopbaanbegeleiding & coaching

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