Well-functioning teams, more the exception than the rule; want to know how to guide and strengthen teams effectively?

The we.master provides you with the knowledge to do so

The we.master gives you insight into how team members can positively influence or inhibit each other. You also learn how the environment, think customers, management or other teams, influence the team. More peace, more confidence and better team performance. The we.master supports you in this.


How do you strengthen communication, collaboration and role assignment within teams? The we.master provides you with the insights needed to understand and improve the dynamics between people.

Topics covered during the training are:

  • How to improve not only team collaborations but also those of departments.
  • How to improve not only team collaborations but also those of departments.
  • How the team itself can make better task allocations from now on.
  • How to prepare team analyses.
  • How the nature and culture of teams and organizations affect their performance.
Training dates 2024  

Training dates are set in consultation with registered participants whenever possible.

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"The we.scan is a fantastic tool to help teams function more pleasantly. In education, for example, people can be rather quick to sit on their own islands. With the we.scan this becomes immediately visible. But it also reveals the benefits of using each other's qualities. For students, I use the we.scan in project groups to improve cooperation and communication."

Sanne Allach, child and adolescent practice Veldhoven

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