me.master 2: deeper understanding of unconscious preferences and sensitivities

As a me.master 1 accredited professional, you know what determines people's behavior consciously and unconsciously and how it affects their lives and work. But you want more. "What's wrong" is not enough; "what are we going to do about it?" That's what you're focused on.

The me.master 2 is then the appropriate training for you. Debriefing the me.scan and using the insights from the me.scan to guide and accelerate one's personal development.  

me.master 2

For the professional who really wants to get under the skin 

The me.master 2 builds on the foundation of the me.master 1. The me.master 2 gives you the tools to influence and leverage the unconscious drivers behind behavior to accelerate a person's development. 

Topics covered during the training are: 

  • The workings of resistances and pitfalls.
  • The influence of limiting beliefs and fears.  
  • Concrete development tips that completely match one's talents.  

Training dates 2024  

Training dates are set in consultation with registered participants whenever possible.



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"The me.master 1 provides a super good foundation, but I find the me.master 2 really indispensable if you are going to use the me.scan often in practice. Because I did the me.master 2, I can ask much more questions, I understand where the core of the problem is, and I often know where the challenge comes from. And exactly from that point we start working on a solution."

Puck van Roij, owner and founder of business consulting firm Jack & Puck

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