"Discover, meet and leverage talent; our tools do make this possible... meet your talent"

Our tools make visible what lies behind behavior. Talent that previously remained unseen and unused, now emerges clearly and can be used consciously. That saves a lot of wasted talent.

Team members understand each other better, the individual performs better and more consistent. People discover their strengths and weaknesses and why they have been doing things a certain way for years. The ideal conditions for sustainable personal and organizational development. And what a space this gives for new choices towards the future!

Better use of the potential of individuals, individually and in teams, more effectiveness in the workplace and less absenteeism, burn-out and bore-out. That is the positive impact me.scan makes.


People develop from a young age primarily through the experiences they have and the way their environment values or disapproves of their behavior. Educators, role models, the culture to which a person belongs, all influence the development you go through as a human being. But, do you then learn behavior that suits you or rather behavior that suits your environment. me.scan bypasses the influence of others, gives insight into what really suits yourself and what behavior is learned to meet the expectations of the environment. The me.scan makes personal development personal.

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Looking for a new position or role? Looking for new employees? Putting together a project group or team with the talents you need? Welcome to me.talentmatch! How do you assess whether a position, role or task suits the talents of an employee, individually or in a (project) team? Do you immediately close the door if you think someone is not suitable or do you (like us) look further into what is possible? And how sustainable is the choice you make? Doubts about the answers to these questions? Take them away with me.talentmatch. 

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