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In education

"Better education choices: motivated students, fewer dropouts, fewer switches and less pressure on the education system!"

Study choices when you don't really know yourself well yet; a difficult task for young people, parents and education professionals. Wrong choices have major consequences, for students, for parents and for education. Students experience stress, lose motivation, drop out or switch studies. Parents do not know how to support. Education feels the pressure to guide students and get them on the right track.  The me.scan helps to make the right choices right away. Better for young people, their environment and education.

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In business

"On average 56% unused potential in the workplace and 30% of time occupied with learned competencies that are less effective and cost energy. Shortage of suitable personnel? Nonsense"

The "war for talent" is in full swing. Talent is being searched for, hunted for and fought over. Bringing in new employees sometimes seems to be the sole focus of HR-departments in this tight labor market. But is there even a shortage? If there is so much potential within our own walls, why is the focus mainly turned outward? The me.scan shows what we already have in house and how the existing potential can be utilized; and if there really is something or someone missing, how we can look for employees who really add something.

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Social Domain

"When you look for the perfect match, you exclude everyone."

Job profiles: "one size fits no one". Candidates who fit perfectly within a job profile are rare. Missing competencies must be developed; developed competencies are not utilized. In addition to the waste of talent, the job-focused approach is, above all, an obstacle to entry into the labor market for job seekers and certainly for people distanced from the labor market. More talent-oriented recruiting opens doors that would otherwise remain closed. For us, the importance of talent-based and role-based "matching" is the key to a more inclusive and sustainable labor market. And how do you do that? Well, that is precisely what me.scan and me.talentmatch are all about.

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"Change starts with awareness," is something we firmly believe in. Based on this belief, me.scan company offers innovative and unique tools for talent development. With us you do not fill out a questionnaire, but uncover unconscious preferences and choices without effort. In just 10 minutes. These unconscious preferences are the ingredients for a valuable conversation. We provide focus and insight into behavior.

Every time we see it happen before our eyes: people, teams and entire organizations moving forward. With speed! Because once you have the courage to look behind your own behavior, you are able to grow. As a person, as a team and as an organization. me.scan, me.talentmatch and we.scan are developed by and property of me.scan company B.V.

What our customers say

Meanwhile, more than 7,000 me.scans have been taken within Fontys, 160 teachers have been trained and 20 institutes are participating. This says something about the added value of the me.scan. The me.scan is simple, low-threshold and accessible and shows recognizable results.

Bianca Peersman, Consultant Student Success Fontys Colleges

What is appreciated within WEMO about the me.scan is the fact that it does not judge. Unlike other scans and methodologies, employees are not labeled with a color or some kind of tag. Within WEMO it is not about labeling but about awareness. Awareness of talents and pitfalls and how everyone can best deal with them, also in everyday life.

Jeff Hagelen, CEO WEMO

Yvonne van Mil

The insights offered by the me.scan and me.talentmatch support the process of finding work. The me.talentmatch offers us support to give - those who are currently at a distance from the labor market - insight into what alternative roles they could fill from their natural strengths and talents.

Yvonne van Mil, Project Manager Participation & Talent Developer WSD

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