From "meet your talent" to "match your talent"; talent-oriented recruiting, opens doors that would otherwise remain closed

Looking for a new position or role? Looking for candidates or new employees? Putting together a project group or team with the talents you need? Welcome to me.talentmatch!

How do you assess whether a position, role or task suits the talents of an employee, individually or in a (project) team? Do you immediately close the door if you think someone is not suitable or do you (like us) look further into what is possible? And how sustainable is the choice you make? Do you have doubts about the answers to these questions? Take them away with me.talentmatch.


me.talentmatch offers more than a list of job profiles within which to search for a suitable function or role. It reveals what kind of work environment suits someone, what gives someone energy and stress and what someone needs to develop further.

Want the ability to define roles you want to fill yourself. Do you want to search for external candidates who have exactly the added value that your organization needs. Or do you want an interactive and dynamic tool to look within your organization to see who can strengthen a (project) team with exactly those qualities needed to build the winning team. me.talentmatch offers all this, and more. So me.talentmatch is also the appropriate tool for making the right school, vocational or career choices.

me.talentmatch combines the power of me.scan with a comprehensive database of jobs and roles (and soon training). The ability to integrate external questionnaires or other information with me.talentmatch makes it a highly flexible, dynamic and customizable tool for all strategic hr issues, career questions and school and career choices.

Hasse Cox

"The great thing about working with the me.talentmatch is that it enables career planning. The me.talentmatch shows how someone currently matches a role and what roles someone could grow into based on their qualities and talents. By deploying the me.talentmatch , opportunities are presented that one would not have thought of otherwise."

Hasse Cox, Owner Lerend Leven 

Hasse Cox

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