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"Working together toward a common goal. Working in a team where people trust and help each other. Arranging mutual communication in such a way that everyone knows what is going on. It seems simple, but is much more complex than it seems. The dynamics within teams, external pressures, constantly changing circumstances and all the different characters, qualities and sensitivities of the team members involved. All aspects that affect team performance and mutual relationships on a daily basis. Do you really want to do something to improve the sustainable performance of your team(s)?  


we.scan offers insight into the dynamics within a group, team or organization. Insight into the mutual dynamics and how the environment influences these dynamics. The individual me.scans of all team members form the foundation of the we.scan. The sharp view of the strengths and pitfalls of each individual offers an unprecedented insight into the strengths and weaknesses of a team. An insight that provides the foundation to build sustainably effective teams. The result: 

  • Strengthening mutual trust 
  • More effective mutual communication 
  • Greater understanding of each other and trust in each other's abilities 
  • Better allocation of responsibilities and tasks 
  • Fewer conflicts and better handling of conflicts 
  • Sight of missing (or hidden) talents 

The we.scan helps with...

  • Composing, guiding and managing (project) teams
    A well thought-out team composition, better guidance and management appropriate to the team. The recipe for enhancing effectiveness. 
  • Improving mutual communication and collaboration When team members are aware of each other's ways of working, strengths and weaknesses, they take them into account and understand their different ways of working. Mutual communication can be better coordinated.  
  • Improving collaboration between different teams and other stakeholders Well-functioning teams work better together, are better able to connect with the other teams or stakeholders, and can better ensure that they meet their goals. 


Looking for a new position or role? Looking for new employees? Putting together a project group or team with the talents you need? Welcome to me.talentmatch!  

How do you assess whether a position, role or task suits the talents of an employee, individually or in a (project) team? Do you immediately close the door if you think someone is not suitable or do you (like us) look further into what is possible? And how sustainable is the choice you make? Doubts about the answers to these questions? Take them away with me.talentmatch. 

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